Due Diligence

Our in-house DD team have wide experience from answering simple “is this worth spending time on?” feasibility studies to detailed pre-investment studies and risk assessments on behalf of corporate investors. We also have access to accountants and financial model builders with genuine aquaculture experience.


RAS & Building Design

Using the latest hydraulic modelling and CAD software our design team produce detailed plans for energy efficient RAS systems and buildings to put them in. Unlike other designers we have also operated the farms we design. Our process marries environmental and business benefits with a real world understanding of process risk reduction.


Regulatory Assistance 

The RASTECH team have been successfully navigating the UK regulatory jungle for years. Use our experience to find your way through:

  • Animal and Feed Importation
  • Aquaculture Production Business Licensing
  • SEPA and EA abstraction and discharge
  • Planning and Building Control
  • Biosecurity and disease control

What can RASTECH do for you?


Research Laboratory 

RASTECH have a fully equipped wet lab embedded in the Scottish Oceans Institute at the University of St Andrews. Our in-house technicians are backed up by the resources and scientists of a World class research community.


Field & Farm Research

RASTECH have in-house technicians with seafaring qualifications who carry out field research both on and offshore. We have the equipment to carry out seine netting and electrofishing and workboat based tasks.


Wet Lab

RASTECH runs state of the art fresh and saltwater research aquariums embedded in the University of St Andrews. Our constant temperature rooms operate from 10 to 30C with fully adjustable lighting (intensity, spectrum and timing). We have filtered and UV sterilised natural seawater on tap and accommodate tanks of up to 3 tonnes.