Energy Saving Technology= Increased Business & Environmental Profits


We are pioneers in Anaerobic Digestion Plant integration for RAS heating and biosolids management. AD plants often find their digester tanks run too hot which inhibits gas production. Using that heat for aquaculture solves two problems. The engines of electrical generators running on biogas produce “waste” heat in their radiators in the same way as your car. We can harvest this heat for RAS use. Our founders were the first people in the UK to do this in a RAS shrimp farm.


Underfloor Heating running on low grade “waste” heat. Our construction team have developed techniques which can hold our RAS facilities at 32C in an environment at -14C using only “waste” heat. We can recover over 90% of the heat which would otherwise be lost through ventilation and water exchange.


Through clever design we recover water and solids from drum filter and sand filter wash streams in an entirely passive and chemical free way. Using unique microbiota we digest these solids to produce biogas.


Through clever design we can recover over 90% of the heat which would otherwise be lost through ventilation. Combining this with CO2 capture from animal and bacterial respiration gives us a warm moist CO2 rich “waste” stream of air which is great for growing crops in greenhouses. We believe our practical application of  this system to be a World first.


The RASTECH approach is to look at everything leaving the farm to see if we can recover energy from it. We recently designed and built a system which passively warms the incoming exchange water using the outgoing effluent. This saved 30% of the water heating costs. Better for the Environment AND the bottom line!


Hang on to what you have paid for! It seems obvious, but it’s often overlooked. We insulate our homes and RASTECH insulate their farms. Our construction team produce very tight and well insulated building far surpassing conventional building standards.