About Us

Our History

RASTECH was founded by Dr Andrew Whiston, Dougie Allen in 2021 to address their longstanding “itch” centred around developing science based platforms for genuinely sustainable and circular onshore aquaculture.

In December 2023 a management buyout allowed the team at Eden Campus to continue its research into UK King Prawn production leaving the parent company free to pursue the commercial production of Arctic Charr using the techniques developed at Eden Campus.

Our Vision

RASTECH is upending the status quo in commercial aquaculture by providing radical and lasting improvements to fish farming and defend against the assault on freshwater and marine ecosystems. We deliver clean, high quality and affordable animal protein for all through transformative RAS aquaculture. Based on the practical application of good science to deliver low risk, commercially and environmentally viable businesses.


THE Future

The Human population will reach 9.1 billion by 2050 (UN FAO) which is likely to drive a very substantial increase in global food protein supply in that timeframe. The predicted demand for seafood and fish will almost double to at least 220 million tonnes and aquaculture is expected to contribute significantly by providing over 70% of this volume. It is currently only 52%.

Although the fastest growing food sector in the World, expansion in aquaculture comes at the time of widespread environmental damage and substantial evidence of climate change. For these reasons, aquaculture’s answers to the increased demand must be to truly demonstrate a social and ecological license to operate if it is to contribute to ending the ongoing damage to natural and local communities.

Alongside other sustainable techniques, by adopting a circular economy approach RAS aquaculture can fill a significant role in the industry’s expansion, aided by the opportunities of the Internet of Things (IoT) and coupled with accelerating demands for, and investment in low carbon farming.

RASTECH therefore seeks the best use of the dwindling resources at Man’s disposal to deliver fully tested, profitable and resilient RAS aquaculture platform technologies. At the forefront of our work is the ambition to provide meaningful, high-skilled and well-paid jobs for anyone on our journey.


The RASTECH Management TEAM

Andrew Whiston Founder & CEO

Andrew is a hands-on marine biologist and aquaculture specialist. He’s spent the past 30 years working in and around aquaculture facilities, academia and public aquariums and zoos all over the world. Andrew has considerable design, project management and operations expertise in Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS). For many years he has been an active consultant and trouble shooter in both the private and public sectors. He designed the UKs first circular economy based King Prawn farm for Great British Prawns in 2018 and led its R&D spin-off Great British Aquatech until it was absorbed by Rastech in 2022.

Sarah Whiston Managing Director

Sarah is our rock, a consummate professional business woman who herds our cats and controls our finances. She has a background in the business side of Public Aquariums and has worked in the pet and retail trades. Sarah has an honours degree in marine biology, and has worked around RAS for decades.

CARA ANDERSON research & husbandry Lead

Cara is an animal husbandry expert and talented researcher. She has over 10 years’ experience working in the Public Aquarium and Aquaculture sectors and has successfully bred animals from Penguins to White Leg Shrimps.  Cara has managed and delivered training programs for hundreds of students in areas such as animal behavior and training. She currently leads our research programs at Eden Campus and manages a small team of PhD and Honours students.