Rastech is a unique land-based aquaculture SME located in Scotland, chasing the goal of sustainable aquaculture. We are re-thinking Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) design to deliver sustainably produced, clean, high-quality, and affordable food through transformative aquaculture science & technology. Rastech develops profitable RAS solutions, based on good science, that give producers a social license to operate. Rastech’s circular economy and data-driven methodology reduces water usage, enhances biosecurity, and provides better waste management, end-to-end product traceability and skilled jobs. We see onshore fish farming as low carbon farm diversification and a provider of good quality employment within rural communities.

Rastech provides feasibility, design, consultancy and trouble shooting services for the public and private sector worldwide. Uniquely, we are a team who has actually designed, built and operated facilities for many years across the commercial and academic sectors for the past 35 years. We therefore understand the commercial and operational realities of aquaculture.

We are currently operating a RAS demonstration farm at our Eden Campus site by St Andrews in Fife. Where we grow King Prawns on land using solar power. See- Eden Valley Prawns


Renewable Energy

Land-based Aquaculture can be an energy and carbon intensive process. We engineer solutions to minimize energy usage and to make use of renewable and “waste” energy.  Our careful hydraulic design and site layout further reduces the energy demands.

Responsible RAS Feeds

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems are an energetic environment which can easily disintegrate traditional feeds. We develop feeds which are RAS ready, have low leaching rates and which produce easily separated feces. We are actively exploring alternatives to marine fish sourced protein, such as Insects.

Wastes = Resources

Our philosophy is that what others call “waste” is really just a resource they haven’t found a use for yet. That’s where we come in: from cow poo to ventilation air we identify and exploit these hidden resources. In this case what is good for the environment is also good for the bank account.

It’s Not Rocket Science!

RAS Technology is often portrayed as a NASA level black box. In truth that’s not the case, a big part of our role is to ensure that our clients understand the systems we design and install. We embrace transparency in all things. Our solutions are based on good science and are reproducible, predictable and stable.

We Train



We Share Our knowledge

One of the key issues we have identified with RAS farming is a lack of training.  We can build the most wonderful RAS farms which are entirely useless without the trained staff to work in them. We actively support apprentices, undergraduates and postgraduates in developing their careers. Without these individuals RAS farming has no future.


Training RAS at the Scottish Oceans Institute

Built from recycled water tanks to support undergraduate projects.





Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research InstiTute

A collaborative project with KMFRI and scientists from the University of St Andrews to breed single sex freshwater prawns to control schistosomiasis carrying snails in Kenya. A major aquaculture opportunity coupled with direct improvements to Human health by combating a debilitating disease and a superb practical training opportunity for local students.

CURRENT projects

  • DE-RISKING RAS – Developing best practice for RAS bio-filters: regular ‘maintenance’ dosing vs. seed only dosing.

  • DE-RISKING RAS- Establishing a UK based hatchery for L. vannamei to improve UK food security.
  • Organic sludge management and energy recovery in RAS.

  • The practical application of IoT to aquaculture.

  • European commercial RAS culture of Cherax spp. 
  • The production of single sex Macrobrachium spp. with a view to Schistosomiasis control and improving the animal protein supply in East Africa.
  • Provision of Technical Due Diligence for several prospective aquaculture investors.
  • Needs analysis, design and project management.

RASTECH Capabilities at Eden Campus

Independent temperature controlled areas 100m2 at 28C and 200m2 at 12C roof height 4m, Filtered natural seawater and freshwater available, Oil-free compressed air supply, tanks to 54 tonnes, real time monitoring and data collection, access to a full range supporting laboratory facilities and bioinformatics. Our own technical staff with decades of experience

Consultancy Capabilities

One unique aspect of our team is that we have vertically integrated knowledge from pure R&D, through design and build, into operation and beyond into sales and marketing. We have the real world experience of founding the first and only UK based clearwater RAS king prawn farm and creating a new market sector.


The RASTECH team take open networking and collaboration very seriously. We are proud to work Internationally with key organizations including: Biomar, CEFAS, Institute of Aquaculture (Stirling), NovaQ, Teeside University, University of Exeter,  University of Glasgow, University of St Andrews, University of Stirling, SAMS, Sterner, Tropical Marine Centre, Zero Waste Scotland. Whatever your project we will almost certainly be able to field an expert to help you.

More about Some of Our Research collaborators

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